Nike Force 9


I had the privilege of working as a technical artist on an exciting project as part of the OMM team together with the Nike’s Brand Creative team. The project was divided into two parts: an augmented reality (AR) experience and a social media post that went live on both the Nike social page and Erling Haaland’s own social page.

In my role as a technical artist, I focused on 3D tracking, lighting, animation, and optimization for the AR experience. The project showcased 3D animations and a 3D volumetric scan, which were an integral part of the AR immersion.

I had the opportunity to work on the creation of a captivating social media post that was shared on both Nike’s social page and Erling Haaland’s own social page. In this role, I handled the 3D animation, tracking, and rendering using Blender. This post served as a powerful promotional tool, generating widespread excitement and interest among their vast audience.

Working on this project was an exhilarating experience, combining the realms of technology, creativity, and marketing. Being able to contribute as a technical artist to the creation of an impressive AR experience and engaging social media content for such a high-profile collaboration was truly rewarding.