Nike Running Shoe Finder

ClientNike through OMM Agency

As a 3D Designer and part of the OMM team, I had the privilege of working on a special project called ‘The World Runs in Pegasus’ in collaboration with Nike. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Nike’s iconic running shoe, Pegasus, we developed the Running Shoe Finder, an online experiential tool designed to assist runners in finding their perfect trainer based on their unique performance needs.

The live microsite can be visited at, offering a firsthand experience of this interactive tool within the Nike running community.

My role involved designing and creating 3D assets, animations, and optimizing them for web use. I contributed to the development of a series of playful and visually captivating 3D visuals that made running accessible to runners of all levels and backgrounds. The project encompassed seven interactive steps, guiding users through the process of selecting their ideal shoe based on various criteria such as surface, motivation, race distance, sensation, and technology preference.

The landing page of the website seamlessly integrated with the Nike App, ensuring a smooth and immersive experience for Nike Members. The microsite was designed to be user-friendly on both mobile and desktop platforms, maintaining consistent branding and visual stimulation throughout.

We incorporated Nike’s signature orange color and curated a complementary color palette to enhance the overall theme. By keeping the user interface simple and intuitive, we enabled users to navigate effortlessly through the questions, making the experience engaging and visually stimulating.

This project showcased my expertise in 3D design, asset creation, animation, and web optimization, while contributing to a popular and successful tool within the Nike running community.