Nike Gifting Guide

ClientNike through OMM Agency

As a 3D Designer at OMM, I had the opportunity to work on a fascinating project called the ‘Nike Gifting Guide’. Collaborating with Nike, we created an interactive gifting platform exclusively for the holiday season. My role involved designing 3D assets, creating animations, and optimizing and exporting them for use in webGL.

Using WebGL and advanced web technology, we crafted over 40 animated 3D assets and a variety of lively ‘personas’. The platform allowed users to explore and discover the perfect gift while also gaining insights into their own lifestyle choices.

I provided the 3D assets and animations for the development of an interactive Gifting Guide. Users could ‘Swipe and select’ or ‘Randomize’ their options, engaging with the platform to discover the perfect gift. The seamless integration of the Gifting Guide into the Nike app encouraged users to continue their journey to the Nike website for purchase. It was a rewarding experience to contribute my skills in creating captivating 3D assets and animations for this interactive platform.

It was an exciting project that showcased the power of 3D design and animation in creating engaging and interactive experiences. I am proud to have been part of the team that brought the Nike Gifting Guide to life.