Audio responsive experience

As part of my ongoing efforts to learn new techniques and explore innovative technologies, I created a made-up project to learn more about the OSC protocol. This audio-reactive experience was built in Unreal Engine 5 and synced with Spotify in real-time, controlled via OSC using an iPad.The project was designed to sync with Spotify in real-time and featured dynamic lighting, character animation blueprints, and OSC message translation.

To create the stunning visuals for the project, I utilized the new Lumen technology in Unreal Engine 5, which enabled me to achieve realistic and dynamic lighting in real-time. This was perfect for creating an immersive and responsive experience that synced with the music playing on Spotify.

I also created Blueprints that translated the OSC messages from the iPad into actions played inside of Unreal, allowing for real-time control of the experience. Additionally, I used special character animation blueprints to blend between character animations, such as running and walking, to create a seamless experience.

Due to the positive response the project received, I decided to release it as an open-source project for others to use and build upon. It was an exciting and challenging project to work on, and I’m proud of the results we were able to achieve with Unreal Engine 5 and OSC message translation.